Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Sonny! (and Jesus)

You may have seen some of these pics before, but in light of the holiday (as well as Christmas) here is a timeline (not the Facebook kind) of Sonny's life.

Christmas Day 2009
The first time I ever held him. Lots of family members, excitement, shouting. It's understandable he was scared sh*tless. Literally. He unloaded on the rest of the family as he was passed around after this picture was taken. (For a few days after the episode, we called him Shooter. But he learned to control his bowels and proved he deserved a classier name. Plus, who wants to be named after a Happy Gilmore character?)

A rare fecal-less baby pic.

Look at those giant feet, he's gonna be a big boy!

Litter box trained in a matter of days...

"No shooting on me, Shooter!"

"Straw please"

Growing up ain't easy.

Growing hair in weird places.

Sonny looks way more frightening/frightened when you can see his pupils.

The Great Outdoors. He absolutely hates them.

Studio assistant having a rough day.

"I eat your mat!"


He loves to poo on Jeter's face.

"Move over. I wanna Skype too...!"

Studio Assistant is not very organized.

Studio Assistant is gonna get his ass fired.

Cute Rabbit Booty.

Studio Assistant checking out the new merchandise.

Studio Assistant approves.

Cutey man.

Daddy and the baby.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays people :)

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