Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Friday, June 04, 2010

The Final Disposal of Comcast

I read an article recently about how even when folks lose everything in these hard times, one of the top ten things they will still spend $ on is an internet connection.

True that. I'm not quite the starving artist yet, but I'll pay for quality internet service. Was offline for a few days due to transitioning from Comcast to Clear. (Also dropped cable TV - one less distraction.) It was odd but sort of freeing. I know, only a few days but it's amazing how dependent we are. BTW Comcast is ... the devil. Asbolutely the devil.

Anyway, back online with some more work. Finding one of the more difficult tasks in this whole freelancing thing is keeping yourself positive... believing that your art is not the most terrible thing out there. After going through a year's worth of Juxtapox mag's that had been piling up, I was inspired and yet completely bummed out. Since I've been ACTUALLY drawing for hours on end these days (as opposed to just THINKING about it), my eye for what I like and appreciate has changed. Ya know, Juxtapoz is full of low-brow, sometimes cheesey or even trashy art. Don't get me wrong, that's why I love it! I'd flip through it when one would come in the mail and brush it off. Yesterday, something clicked and the art looked like masterpieces to me. It's harder to think "hey, I could do that" when you're actually trying to do something and not succeeding. Taking almost two years off from drawing/painting/etc wasn't a complete vacation. My eyes still saw and learned and gathered information. But I learned if you're not practicing the final step of following it through with your pen, it doesn't really matter. You can be the best artist you want in your head. The challenge is making it come out.

I believe it's for the best. I have to see my art for what it is. To not make excuses for it. To not push meaning on to it. It'll take time, but it's all good. I feel like I'm in the right place. It's the first time I've spent more than 4 hours in one sitting!

"Who would have thought that the one thing that would save this company, would be work? And pancakes?" -Michael Scott, The Office
(just substitute waffles for pancakes)

Next week's mission: ...uhh figure out a way to bring in some Benjamins. Syrup ain't free!

Study for new piece "Eye to Eye"...

More progress on "One of These Things"