Saturday, December 27, 2008

The New Baby

Well, you're prolly thinking, dang girl you've been posting so much cool art lately, why don't you take a break and tell us more about your personal life?! Sure, Dear Reader, you got it.

Below are pics of the newest (and poopiest) Addeo. And he's still officially nameless so if you wanna shout out any suggestions, that'd be great. Because honestly I prolly won't even consider them, but laugh at what silly thing you came up with. With that said, the possibilities are as follows:

-Santino (hello--Godfather. so when he misbehaves I can call him 'Sonny')
-Santiago/Pedro (Mexican accents are fun to do with animals)
-Usagi (samurai bunny from TMNT)
-Shooter (for obvious reasons)
-Thumper (just kidding...)


lostaccident said...

how about Hasenpfeffer??

Nikki Noodle said...

almost as bad as my buddy that suggested Myxie, short for Mxyomatosis...

sick kids :)

Anne said...

hmm, going to have to google myxomatosis. anyways, LOVE the little bugger. santino is simply adorable. i can't wait for him to start showcasing in your sketches. perhaps even a weekly comic strip, based on the life and times of the little pooper??

definitely something revolving around poop.

oh, and i got a coupon for the grotto in honor of my birfday month, so now we have no excuses!