Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Goofy Sketches

Some stuff I did on the (long) trip to Florida...

I realized the extent of my laziness today.
How often I update my blog: approx. twice a month
How often I update twitter: every ten minutes
How often I update my website: ONCE A YEAR

My only New Years Resolution: fix up thenikkinoodle(.com)!!

...oh and I guess lose weight...

...and find a place to live...

...and get me a man...

>>oh also, too lazy to scan... three cheers for photobooth again<<


Yeonhee said...

You are hilarious. Hey I'm going to be in Philly Xmas week if you're around.

Cheers & Love,

Nikki Noodle said...

Yeoneebear! Yes, lets get together.
thanks for posting. and no my dear, it's more like $10,000 in inks! >D