Sunday, November 09, 2008

Studio Feng Shui & Optimism

Fung shway for the studio... You might (or might not) have noticed the studio has changed several times in the past three years. Different rooms, different walls, even moving all my junk outside the house to the chicken coop space. Well, here's pics of the latest move! Let's see if it makes the Noodle any more productive. (Well, it did make me move furniture, and lift heavy objects AND upload pics... looking good so far!)
The Computahz. I sense, the PC and mac have epic battles after I fall asleep.

The glorious bookshelf. All picture books, of course.

A New Piece: the study. I say 'study' like, as if I'm planning a really drawn out, year-long session concentrating on this, creating painting after painting, getting it just right...

We'll be lucky if there's ever color added ;)

Unless the feng shui starts working its magic...

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