Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Return of Appleman and Banana Boy

To all the loyal fans of AM and BB, this one's for you!
(BEWARE: there's some English youngens out there on Youtube who refer to their antics as The Adventures of Appleman and Banana Boy as well. I think I win this one though, since most of these comics were done before those lads were even born... =sigh= But I feel confident enough to post these now because I've separated my sophisticated, highly evolved 28-year old self from my former, nerderific pencil-wielding 13-year old one.)

Then the fruity duo came back years later but waaay trippy. I believe they were trying to find their true selves.

And so, 15 years after their birth, I'm resurrecting them once again. (Tis the season for resurrecting, right?)

(In progress, don't judge me.)

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