Monday, January 17, 2011

The Sketchbook Project

SKETCHBOOK IS FINISHED! (for The Sketchbook Project 2011 by Art House Co-op)
I hate to hand it over, but it will be in good hands (hundreds of good hands...) It's nice to have a Moleskin completely covered in drawings, down to the very last page. Can't remember the last time that happened...

My suggested theme was "Raining Cats and Dogs". After a while, it turned into an Almanac for all our pets. Here's a bunch of pages from it.

Page added. This one done by Anthony Addeo, my favorite artist.


Nick Froehlich said...

Nikki this is an amazing job!

is raph yours? i had to put my sulcata, The Old Man, up for adoption. he's with a good family and part of a menagerie where he'll never be lonely!


Nikki Addeo said...

Thanks Nick!

I'm so sorry to hear you lost the Old Man... Was he at least the size of a VW when you turned him over?

Raph and I lived together for many years growing up. He now resides with Mr and Mrs Addeo who love him very much. I love animals but I gotta say, he's pretty low on the list... not like Sonny the Bunny

Glad to see you back in the scene brotha!