Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Newly Designed Site!

Couple new things:

Visit WWW.NIKKIADDEO.COM for the new site design! Some older illustrations and lots of new stuff. Check out the pieces for sale! They are available through:

Mechanic Street Mugs
10 West Mechanic Street
New Hope, PA 18938

Joel is the owner there and is a real sweetheart. His shop was been in New Hope for years and is a real cornerstone on Mechanic St. (at least for me :) Stop by! He has plenty to look at, including his own hand-made ceramics and pottery ... and JOEL'S BOWLS!

Also, a bit of webby switchin!
New site is currently at Soon after, will point to the site as well. The new site is easier to use, showcases the art better and has room for comments! Any and all opinions are encouraged.

And after THAT... WWW.LAZYRABBITSTUDIO.COM will lead to new site as well.

Inspired by the little hoppy hairball that thinks he owns the studio space, we're smackin a title on this operation - Lazy Rabbit Studio. (The model used in the logo above doesn't belong to me btw. The day of the shoot I couldn't get Sonny from his bed. $#%*! rabbit...)

One last thing. I'll be taking part in a group art show in NJ this fall. Will post more info on that later ...

Thanks for visiting

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Michelle Rogers said...

I would love to purchase the "Lazy Rabbit" print. Can you tell me if that's possible. I am on the board of directors at Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary in Michigan. Check us out at