Tuesday, May 25, 2010

First Day on the Job

Recently, I left the corporate world. A world of restrictions, frustrations and limitations. Also, a world of $. (Not really, they don't pay Flash designers that much.) After two years of growing and learning, I am now on my own. This will be a life experiment of sorts, to see if I got what it takes. Will I finally explode with creativity and solutions and color and glee all over the walls... or will the police find me, buried in blank canvases, The Office dvd still spinning, half-eaten by wild dogs covered in syrup: Death by Eggo Waffles..??

Hope not.

Here we go. For reals this time.

Studio = apartment dining room. (My better half is unbelievably sweet and tolerant...)

BTW, this is a sweet link where artists upload pics of their studios:


And got to work on a new owl piece. Hoping to finish by tomorrow.

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